Thom Yorke Collaboration with Rag and Bone Continued

The last moment we caught nine minutes of surrounding techno beat going with the precisely cool steps of male models on the catwalk, Jamie xx was the man antiquated, and Kenzo was the architect. Right away, Thom Yorke and Nigel Godrich have whipped up their particular smooth intermingle for Rag & Bone Fall 2013 menswear show.

The moderately without laces sound appears tailor-made to go hand in hand with the quieted vibes of the Rag & Bone Fall 2013 menswear show. You can witness that less than thrilling interchange in the cut; however support yourself for the last two minutes, in which shut by Curtis Mayfield's "Move On Up."

Upscale menswear isn’t the first thing that rings a bell when we catch the name Thom Yorke, he has been included in the fashion planet for some time. In 2011, he has made a soundtrack for the opening of fall line from architects David Neville and Marcus Wainwright, otherwise known as Rag & Bone. Also our read Not able to the 3D-Printed Dress